Queens Bone Fracture Treatment

Heal Broken Bones the Right Way

When athletes break a bone, the result can be catastrophic to their careers and their future earning power. But even those of us who prefer our sports from the stands need the right kind of treatment to ensure a pain-free future with full mobility.

Depending on the severity of a broken bone, a range of treatment options–including surgery–may be called for to get you back in the game. Make the Queens orthopedic specialists at Able Orthopedics your first call after a bone fracture so you can heal it right. Call 718-897-2228.

Superior Treatment Service

We begin to help right away and support every piece of your fracture recovery!

  • We’ll meet you at the ER when you’re injured
  • We will diagnose and develop treatment plans for optimal healing
  • We are orthopedic surgeons right here in Queens if your case requires surgery

Call Able Orthopedic today at 718-897-2228.

Why choose us

  • Over 25 years of surgical experience
  • Up to Date with the Latest Techniques
  • State Of the Art Equipment & Technology
  • Multi-lingual & Friendly Staff