Queens Emergency Orthopedic Service

We’ll meet you in the Emergency Room!

At Able Orthopedic, we understand that when emergencies happen, there’s often no time to pick and choose where you go. In most cases, the very best thing to do is get to the closest emergency room to you, as fast as you can. Once you’re stabilized, call the Queens orthopedic specialists at 718-897-2228. We’ll meet you at the ER and participate in your case from the start.

If you live a high performance lifestyle, don’t risk care that may compromise your game. ER docs are heroes who save lives every day, but at Able Orthopedic, we save mobility, speed, and a future with limited or no pain from your injury.

Just some of the injuries that we can help with include:

When you’ve been hurt with an orthopedic emergency, call Able Orthopedic at 718-897-2228.

Why choose us

  • Over 25 years of surgical experience
  • Up to Date with the Latest Techniques
  • State Of the Art Equipment & Technology
  • Multi-lingual & Friendly Staff