• Signs You Should Have Your Shoulder Examined

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    Perhaps you felt your shoulder pop while playing racquetball, or maybe you slipped on the sidewalk and fell on it. Whatever the circumstances that led to your injury, you can tell that your shoulder is not 100 percent.

    Shoulder injuries often demand orthopedic treatment. Especially when the tissues of the rotator cuff tear, or the joint falls out of alignment, the shoulder can remain impaired until an orthopedist assesses the condition. Pain is often a sign that your shoulder has suffered some type of damage. Even if you are not experiencing chronic discomfort, though, you may still require professional care. Recurrent arm weakness may denote a shoulder problem. The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint, but if you don’t have full range of motion, this symptom too could indicate that you need to see an orthopedic doctor.

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  • Tips for Your ACL Surgery Recovery

    As many former patients can attest, recovering from an ACL tear can be an arduous journey. However, with patience and practice, you can get back to the speed and shape you were in before your injury. If you are about to undergo ACL surgery, you are just beginning your recovery journey. By following these tips, you can aid the healing process and soon get back on your feet.

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    Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

    Before you leave the hospital or office in which you have surgery, your orthopedic surgeon may give you a set of instructions to follow during your recovery. Be sure to adhere to his every direction. If you push your knee to do too much too fast, you can derail your progress and delay your return to the court or field. So to facilitate the healing process, stay off your knee until your orthopedist allows you to use a brace or crutches.

    Keep Up with Rehabilitation

    Soon after your surgery, you will likely begin rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an essential part of recovery for ACL tears. The physical therapist that guides you through your exercises has the knowledge and experience to safely help you regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the knee. To get your knee back to health, though, you must be diligent about going to your rehabilitation appointments and doing any at-home exercises that your physical therapist assigns.

    Practice Other Forms of Self-Care

    To help your knee heal, you must also look after your total wellbeing. Only when you practice healthy habits can you provide your body with the nourishment and support it needs to repair your ACL. Eating a nutritious diet, sleeping enough each night, and refraining from harmful activities such as smoking and excessive drinking can foster the increasing health of your knee. By following these suggestions, it may be only months before you can return to your normal level of physical activity.

    Have you suffered an ACL tear? Getting proper treatment is essential to your recovery. Call Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine today at (718) 690-9520 to speak with one of our associates about our orthopedic surgery services for the greater Forest Hills and Queens communities.

  • Common Types of Ankle Injuries

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    The flexibility and strength of the ankle joints allow for incredible physical feats. They can easily withstand the considerable force that kicking a ball or leaping up to catch one can generate, but it takes only one poor landing to cause a serious joint injury. Common ankle injuries are bone breaks, muscle strains, and ligament sprains. While many of these injuries can occur during an athletic activity, they are just as common in everyday life. A slippery patch of icy sidewalk or unseen child’s toy can cause a fall and ankle trauma just as easily as a kick to the ankle or the rolling of it. Because ankle injuries often produce the same complications, including pain, stiffness, and bruising, it is important to seek professional treatment. An orthopedic doctor can identify the nature of an ankle injury and prescribe appropriate treatment for it.

    When an ankle injury happens, consult the orthopedic experts at Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine. Call (718) 690-9520 to learn about the ankle injuries we treat. Our website also describes our treatment options for our Forest Hills patients.

  • A Look at Common Knee Injuries

    Because the knee is so ubiquitous in movement, knee injuries are a common problem. Sports, manual labor, and slip and fall accidents are just some of the circumstances under which a knee injury can take place. With the help of an orthopedic doctor, though, many people can recover from knee trauma and return to an active lifestyle.

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    Joint Dislocation

    As the name of this injury denotes, dislocation occurs when one of the bones that comprises the knee falls out of its proper position . The tibia, or shinbone, sits below the knee and can dislocate. The femur, or thighbone, can likewise move out of alignment. In many cases, sudden force against the knee is the reason behind a dislocation. The patella, or kneecap, might also shift out of position as the result of excessive force on the knee joint.

    ACL Tear

    Holding together the bones of the knee are several ligaments. The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is primarily responsible for keeping the lower leg in alignment. This ligament can normally endure great strain, but it is still susceptible to injury when sudden or violent motion occurs. Athletes who play soccer, basketball, and other high-intensity sports put significant stress on their knees and are particularly vulnerable to ACL tears. A quick change in direction or an awkward jump landing could be enough to snap this ligament.

    Patella Fracture

    Any force too strong for the knee to absorb may result in a bone break. Because of its position at the front of the knee, the patella is especially vulnerable to damage. A wayward kick to the knee during a game of soccer or direct contact with a concrete sidewalk during a fall can both produce enough force to fracture this bone. However, an orthopedic doctor can immobilize the bone fragments and even perform surgery if necessary to repair the fracture and help it heal quickly.

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