• Spotlight on the Symptoms of de Quervain’s Disease

    Tendon inflammation can occur for multiple reasons, including injury and overuse. When inflammation affects the tendons in the thumb, de Quervain’s disease can result. Given the repetitive thumb usage that individuals who type, sew, or perform other tactile functions carry out, certain types of laborers can be prone to de Quervain’s disease. 

    de Quervain's Disease - Able Orthopedic

    Discomfort is the most common side effect of de Quervain’s disease. If tendon inflammation is severe, the size of the tendons in the thumb might also cause noticeable swollenness. Both symptoms may make it challenging for individuals with de Quervain’s disease to continue the tasks that might have contributed to the initial problem. Depending on the circumstances that lead to its appearance, de Quervain’s disease can develop relatively slowly in some people and quite rapidly in others.

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  • An Overview of Common Wrist Injuries

    A wrist injury, especially when it affects the dominant hand, can make it difficult to perform even the most menial tasks. Getting the right orthopedic care can mean the difference between lingering pain with reduced function and swift recovery with restored use. The following wrist injuries represent some of the more common issues that require the help of an orthopedist

    An Overview of Common Wrist Injuries - Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine - NYC

    Broken Wrist
    Did you know that the wrist contains eight distinct bones? The complex makeup of this joint can leave it vulnerable to accidents that may injure one or bones in it. Many people instinctually use their hands to buffer the impact of slip and fall accidents, which can account for some wrist fractures. Individuals who participate in sports may also suffer wrist injuries should they fall or suffer a blow during their activities.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem for many people who use their wrists for repetitive motions. This condition occurs when the tissues housed in the wrist suffer inflammation . In many cases, this inflammation develops due to the overuse of the wrist, as a person might do when typing at his desk for multiple hours each workday. When these tissues swell in response to the excessive workload placed upon them, they can squeeze the median nerve that runs through them. This side effect is the source of the pain that many carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers feel. 

    Joint Deterioration
    Arthritis is a condition that many people associate with larger joints such as the hips or knees. However, any joint can experience arthritic complications, including the wrist. When the cartilage of the wrist begins to erode, the bones that it normally protects may start to rub against each other. Not only can this activity cause irrevocable damage to the wrist bones, but also it can lead to chronic discomfort.

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  • Tips for Avoiding Injuries While Running

    Running can be a great cardiovascular workout, but it can also heighten your risk for muscle problems. This video demonstrates stretching moves that you can use to prevent running-related injuries.

    Running too fast or too much before your body can handle such exertion might result in shin splints. If you feel pain at the front of your lower legs, take a break from your training to allow the inflammation to subside. You can also kneel on your legs to gently stretch the shin region. IT band issues can eventually lead to knee problems as well. To avoid these concerns, balance your foot on the opposite knee and lightly stretch the side of your upper leg.

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  • What You Need to Know About Bone Tumors

    Like other growths that develop in the body, bone tumors can be benign or malignant. In either case, however, the growth can cause substantial harm to the surrounding healthy bone. For this reason, bone tumors require professional orthopedic attention. An orthopedic doctor can determine the nature of the growth and the most appropriate form of treatment for it. 

    What You Need to Know About Bone Tumors - able Orthopedic - New York City

    Reasons Tumors Form
    Orthopedic experts are still studying the reasons why both benign and malignant bone tumors develop. They do know, though, that bone tumors can sometimes form as the result of malignant growths that have developed elsewhere in the body. Though the cancer may not be classified as bone cancer, it still requires the help of an orthopedic doctor for treatment purposes.

    Symptoms Tumors Present
    If a bone tumor invades healthy tissue , it can cause pain at the growth site. Because the bone is robbed of healthy bone cells that keep the tissue strong, a bone tumor can also lead to bone fractures. Only after sustaining a bone break might some people learn of their tumors. In some cases, an individual might undergo diagnostic imaging tests for another condition only for his medical staff to find a tumor in those images. Therefore, some bone tumors present no noticeable symptoms at all.

    Treatment Options to Address Tumors
    The way in which an orthopedist addresses a bone tumor depends on its classification. A growing malignant tumor might require surgery to remove the cancerous tissue as well as chemotherapy to prevent the spreading of malignant cells. In contrast, an orthopedic doctor might advise that a patient only come in for periodic checkups if he has a static benign tumor. Individuals diagnosed with bone tumors should explore all available treatment options before moving forward with any of them.

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  • The Basics of Bone Fractures

    When someone breaks a bone, it is imperative that they get the proper orthopedic treatment to ensure that the bone heals correctly. Use this guide to learn more about bone fractures to understand the need to see an orthopedic doctor if you break one:

    wrist Injury

    A Stable Fracture
    Broken bones can range from simple to severe, mostly depending on the amount of force that caused the fracture. A stable fracture occurs when a bone breaks so that both ends line up and have only shifted slightly away from their normal place, which makes it an easy fracture to fix.

    An Open, Compound Fracture
    Sometimes the force that breaks a bone is so strong that it sends the fragment up through the skin. This kind of break can be especially dangerous because the open wound is susceptible to infection. If you have a compound fracture, you should see the orthopedist as soon as possible to get treated.

    A Transverse Fracture
    When someone suffers from a transverse fracture , they have a horizontal break across the bone. Although a sharp blow can cause a transverse fracture, it is often the result of excessive stress placed on the bone from an activity like running.

    An Oblique Fracture
    Oblique fractures happen at an angle. A simple oblique fracture does not extend very far into the bone. A severe fracture cuts diagonally across most of the bone. These injuries most often occur in larger bones like the femur.

    A Comminuted Fracture
    This severe break happens when a bone is shattered into at least three pieces. Comminuted fractures are some of the most difficult to treat because the break is so complex.

    No matter what kind of fracture you have, it is important to seek the medical attention of an orthopedic doctor for treatment. At Able Orthopedics & Sports Medicine , we have one of the best teams of orthopedists in all of Queens. We will do everything we can to fix your break so your bone heals completely. To learn more about our Forest Hills location, call (718) 897-2228.