What Are the Consequences of Living a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Your body’s musculoskeletal system provides support and allows you to stand, walk, and play. However, without regular use your muscles and bones can atrophy, leading to pain and increased risk for injury. Your orthopedic doctor understands the need for movement as part of a beneficial lifestyle and can help you get back on your feet without pain to live a longer, healthier life.

Troubled senior business men with severe back pain

Back Pain

Living a sedentary lifestyle can have serious consequences for your back and has been linked with the development of lower back pain. A lack of physical activity is often associated with weight gain , which increases pressure on your spine. Additionally, little to no movement causes the muscles of your torso to atrophy, reducing the amount of support they provide to your body. This contributes to poor posture, which may be exacerbated by long periods sitting in chairs that do not adequately support the body. Combined, all of these factors contribute to the development  and persistence of back pain.

Joint Injuries

The bones and joints of your body are designed to bear weight and facilitate movement. Too little time spent moving reduces their ability to perform these functions. This increases the likelihood of sustaining joint injuries, including sprains and strains, when you do take part in physical activities. Excess body weight resulting from a lack of exercise places pressure on the joints and can also lead to pain and injury, particularly of the knees. Conditions such as arthritis, which leads to painful and inflamed joints, have also been linked to the lack of a physically active lifestyle.

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