Signs of a Shoulder Injury

man with painful shoulder joint

Shoulder injuries can occur during sports or everyday activities such as lifting or reaching for objects. Orthopedic doctors classify shoulder injuries into one of two groups: instability injuries and impingement injuries. If you have suffered an instability injury, your shoulder may become dislocated. More minor instability injuries may cause the feeling as though your shoulder is “loose” or slipping out of alignment during movement. You may also experience increased pain when raising your arm. Impingement injuries cause inflammation and should be examined by an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible. Other signs of a shoulder injury include stiffness, the inability to move your arm through its full range of motion, and muscle weakness in the shoulder or arm. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to visit an orthopedic doctor for evaluation so a treatment plan can be developed for a healthy recovery.

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