Are Household Chores Responsible for Your Injury and Pain?

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Sports activities are often blamed for the majority of orthopedic injuries. However, simple, day-to-day activities like household chores may also necessitate a trip to your orthopedic surgeon . Over time, these activities can strain your muscles and joints, particularly if you perform chores with poor posture. Here are some of the ways in which household chores contribute to injury:

Making Repetitive Motions
Excessive, repetitive motions are frequent culprits of pain and orthopedic injury. Scrubbing tough messes repeatedly can lead to wrist pain, for example, just like typing on a computer for a prolonged period. Other repetitive motions might include shaking out the blankets to make the bed and twisting your torso while putting laundry in the dryer.

Lifting Heavy Objects
Lifting heavy objects improperly can not only place strain on your back, but it also strains your shoulders, particularly if you lift heavy objects above the height of your head. It also exerts stress on your wrists. To avoid orthopedic injury, squat down, lift with your knees, and avoid bending your back. Consider using a stepping stool to reduce strain on your shoulders if you need to lift a heavy object over your head.

Kneeling on the Floor
Kneeling on the floor to scrub at tough messes might cause an orthopedic injury called bursitis, also referred to as housemaid’s knee. Bursitis occurs when the bursa sac that cushions the joint becomes inflamed, and it may also affect the shoulders, elbows, and other joints.

Avoiding Breaks
Many individuals perform household chores in a hurry to try to get them done as quickly as possible. But if you have a lot of chores to do, consider doing them in shorter intervals. Taking short, frequent breaks to stretch your muscles will help you avoid orthopedic injuries.

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