4 Painful Types of Fractures that Require Expert Treatment

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Fractures are serious, painful conditions that require the prompt attention of a skilled orthopedic surgeon. There are many different types of fractures . They are typically categorized according to how the bone breaks and what caused the fracture. Here are four of the different types of fractures that an orthopedic surgeon can diagnose:

Greenstick Fracture
This is also called an incomplete fracture because the bone does not fully break. Rather, it bends and cracks. Greenstick fractures are orthopedic injuries that occur in children because they have softer bones. These are tricky fractures because they may not present with the same symptoms as a typical fracture. The child might display no deformities and complain only of pain and swelling. The deceptive nature of greenstick fractures makes it even more important to bring the child to an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.

Compression Fracture
Compression fractures often affect the elderly because they commonly occur due to osteoporosis, which is the loss of bone mass. The bones are weak and susceptible to collapsing or crumbling. This may happen with a blunt force injury or something as simple as twisting the torso. This type of orthopedic injury is often diagnosed in the spine.

Stress Fracture
This type of fracture is an overuse injury. It often occurs in athletes, but it might also occur if an individual suddenly and significantly increases his or her amount of physical activity. Stress fractures often affect the feet because they must absorb a great deal of shock. In addition to following a treatment plan recommended by an orthopedic surgeon, it’s important for those with stress fractures to rest until fully healed.

Comminuted Fracture
In a comminuted fracture, the bone breaks into three or more pieces. This causes significant pain, and it may lead to additional medical complications, such as infection, if the bone protrudes through the skin. This type of injury is complex and requires the care of a skilled orthopedic surgeon.

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