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Blog Posts in June, 2016

Practicing Good Posture in the Garden

Spending time in the garden this time of year can be extremely pleasant and relaxing. However, when it comes to digging, weeding, and raking, many gardeners end up developing aches, pains, and even ...
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Stay Injury-Free This Softball Season

Sports injuries are some of the most common problems that orthopedic specialists treat. This time of year, plenty of people injure themselves on the diamond but, in many cases, these injuries are ...
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Spotlight on Ankle Ligament Injuries

Sprained ankles are common sports injuries that many athletes will suffer from at least once in their lifetime. This type of injury occurs when the ligaments that support the ankle are stretched too ...
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Practicing Better Cell Phone Ergonomics

While sports medicine specialists and orthopedists commonly treat patients with neck, hand, and wrist injuries caused by sports and physical activities, these problems can also develop as a result of ...
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Common Injuries in Teenage Athletes

Sports are an effective way for young athletes to learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, persistence, and hard work. But even when teenage athletes are careful to warm up, cool down, stretch, and ...
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