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Blog Posts in November, 2015

Preventing Injuries in Basketball Players

The fast pace of basketball makes players prone to a variety of injuries, from ankle sprains to knee ligament tears and hand injuries. Every player who takes the court, from weekend warriors to pros, ...
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Understanding Tendonitis

Tendons are thick fibers that attach muscles to bones, and tendonitis refers to inflammation of one of those tendons. It can cause pain and tenderness that interferes with mobility. If you develop ...
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What Is the Proper Way to Carry a Backpack?

Heavy backpacks can lead to chronic back and shoulder pain, particularly if the strap is only worn over one shoulder. An orthopedist would recommend choosing an ergonomic backpack with well-padded ...
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What Are the Signs of Bone Tumors?

A bone tumor can develop when abnormal cells begin to grow in a bone. Although a bone tumor can affect any bone in the body, it is most commonly diagnosed in the long bones of the arms and legs. Bone ...
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